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Why We Exist

Elevator Pitch

Bitcoin is an evolutionary pressure disrupting socialism in all forms because it preserves property rights better than any other system in existence. Evolution is a slow and sloppy process. JWRD Computing works to save clients time in transitioning from the fast food computing paradigm which metastasized from the late 20th, early 21st century socialism to the home-cooked computing paradigm in which the operator plays an integral role. In short, JWRD Computing exists by and for individuals and organizations commited to taking full control of their data and computing infrastructure.

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Coffee Shop Pitch

How much do secure, efficient computing and monetary stability matter to you ?

Virtually all 21st century business operators and investors face two core challenges : leveraging a secure and efficient computing infrastructure and maintaining business continuity through underlying monetary instability. JWRD Computing works with clients to convert these challenges into a competitive advantage.

The challenge of deploying and maintaining secure and efficient computing infrastructure comes into play on all levels of the supply chain : from communications to analytics to contracts to payments to financial instruments and markets to even as deep as money itself. Computers and the Internet have become integral tools in commerce and finance but the power to operate them efficiently is derived from an underlying understanding and control over one's environment.

The modern market has become flooded with computing solutions pushed by big corporations which are proprietary, costly and take away control of crucial infrastructure and even data, leaving businesses and individuals more exposed to counterparty risk from their vendors. People who want to retain or regain such control have been left with dwindling options and the stakes continue to rise.

Fronts where control has been ceded and resulting counterparty risk has risen include : ownership of code, ownership of data, ownership of identity.

Ceding control of the things that matter the most to a third party makes one more dependent and fragile. JWRD Computing exists to save our clients time and money in the process of putting them firmly back in full control of their own digital infrastructure -- i.e. helping them regain personal sovereignty. We work from the principles of comprehensibility toward the goal of intellectual ownership for our clients of all the products and services we provide. Our service allows clients to mitigate the risk of unexpected catastrophic expenses and focus on improving efficiency and capitalizing on opportunities to grow their business.



Jacob Welsh, CTO

Jacob Welsh

Jacob Welsh started beating computers into shape before he could legally drive; in fact, he'd owned several before buying his first car with his IT earnings. He served his high school as Student System Administrator, moving on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Virginia in 2012. He took a full-time job in the industry under David Boyes and E. Margarete Ziemer of Sine Nomine Associates, getting a first taste of Latin American life on a consulting visit to Sao Paulo. A year in the salt mines proved quite enough, and in December 2013 he moved to Panama on his own initiative, in search of greener pastures outside the crumbling United Statist empire. Sustained by savings, part-time contracting and riding the wave of Bitcoin, he applied himself to honing his craft and networking locally. In January 2014 he attended a philosophy meetup Robinson hosted, sowing the seeds of the relationship that grew organically into JWRD Computing. He committed in 2016 to the business partnership and in 2019 to mentorship under Diana Coman of The Most Serene Republic.

Robinson Dorion, CEO

Robinson Dorion

Robinson Dorion studied the Austrian School of Economics and went pro early by joining Peter Schiff's Euro Pacific Bank start up as a Private Banker and Investment Consultant in February 2012. Two years in the offshore world was enough to appreciate the spirit of legal asset protection instruments and also realize the false sense of security they can give their users due to the stranglehold socialist central banks and their correspondents have on the fiat system. While the fiat system can do nothing other than fail, Bitcoin at least has a chance to win. Thus, in January 2014 he took a Business Development role with Coinapult, a Panama based Bitcoin broker, and has since focused on adapting himself to the capitalist order Bitcoin is imposing.


Supported Software

Gales Linux

Gales Scheme

Gales Bitcoin Wallet








JWRD Key Management Hardware Kit

JWRD Key Management Hardware Kit

If you already have the kit, follow this guide to get started on setting it up.

The JWRD Key Management Hardware Kit is a soup-to-nuts solution for secure key management needs.


Product/ServiceUnitsUnit Cost
TRNG10.01333337 BTC
Laptop Labor20.01000000 BTC
Router Labor10.00150038 BTC
Thinkpad X200 w/ Coreboot2$500
Edge Router Lite1$220
Data Diode1$220
USB-RJ45 Conversion Cable1$18
USB-TTL Conversion Cable3$19
Hardware Subtotal$1`515
0.03483375 BTC

Note : the dollar amount is converted to BTC at the time of settlement.


Getting started with the JWRD key management hardware kit

Key Management Training

Motto : The gun is only as useful as the man squeezing the trigger.

JWRD's hardware and software have been designed from the ground up with security as a top priority. This is the direct opposite approach taken by the lamestream, which focuses more on marketing "convenience" and "it should be so easy grandma can use it" (no offense to your grandma, we're sure she's very pleasant and a smart cookie to boot). The cost of pushing such convenience is the proliferation of an ever-increasing amount of complexity in the systems to compensate for the bottomless pit of stupidity observed from the behavior of the lowest common denominator. Software is written by humans and humans are liable to make errors. As a general rule, the more software in a system and the more complex it is, the more errors it contains. Bitcoin is a no oopsies-takesies-backsies environment, i.e. risk has to be mitigated upfront ; if you've lost your coins already, it's unlikely anyone can help you. There is no "go ahead and reboot your Windows three times and things are magically fixed."

JWRD focuses on including only the absolute software necessities in the system, which results in less code and a higher likelihood of better understood code. Instead of dumbing the system down for lazy people content with staying stupid, we provide operator training to build up those people who are ready to take the security and ownership of their computer infrastructure seriously. That is, we build smart tools for smart people, for the few, not the many.

Currently, Gales Linux is operated exclusively from the Command Line Interface, i.e. there is not a mouse. Instead of clicking pictures which represent underlying commands, training clients learn the commands directly. Not only does this allow one to operate without the million plus lines of code "needed" to implement the entire graphics stack where the mouse lives and where fatal bugs may lie, but it strengthens the client's understanding of the system and causes him to open his eyes, likely for the first time.

We're on our third iteration of the training curriculum. The goal is to focus on the applications that are meaningful to the client from the outset and delve deeper into the command line on an as-needed basis as the course progresses.


JWRD Intermediate Key Management Curriculum

Whether you've never touched a command line interface or you've written substantial programs, this is the best starting point to getting up to speed with the tools and concepts.

  1. Basic Crypto Theory : what's the mathematical basis behind the tools you're learning ?
  2. bitcoind : Fetch and Build.
  3. bitcoind : Configure, Operate and Explore the Theoretical Underpinnings :
  4. Hardware TRNG config and usage : how to setup and configure the device and start mining entropy.
  5. Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) : the strongest, publicly available encryption tool. How to generate keys using the TRNG, encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify signatures.
  6. Web of Trust (WoT) theory and implementation.
  7. V : Intro to `V' version control system.
  8. GBW-signer : Generate Bitcoin Keys and Addresses, Build a transaction from public data sources.
  9. Airgap operation : move data back and forth between the online and offline machines using the data diode.
  10. Backups : Hardware amortizes and, from time to time, fails suddenly. This lesson covers strategies and implementation for robust data backups for rapid recoveries.
  11. Network Administration :
  12. GBW-node : You've learned to collect data from public sources to build Bitcoin transactions ; now that your node is pretty well synced, learn to operate GBW-node for more private address and transaction monitoring.
  13. IRC with yrc : yrc is JWRD's own IRC client. It's based in the terminal, i.e. no mouse, so carries a steeper learning curve compared to GUI-based clients such as Hexchat you're more likely to start off with. Now that you're more comfortable in the terminal, it's time to introduce you to it.
  14. Intermediate Shell : variables, meta-characters, wild cards, program vs processes, job control.
  15. Time, File, Stream Management : Date and Time commands, Text Streams.
  16. File System Utilities.
  17. Users, System Logs, System Resource Management.

JWRD Advanced Key Management Training

An outcome of this stage of the training is to be able reproduce the JWRD Hardware Kit independently of JWRD and customize it to your own needs.

  1. Bootstrap Gales Linux, compiling the full system from source code (2 sessions)
  2. Install and configure Gales Linux
  3. Compile the Coreboot-SeaBIOS firmware stack
  4. Flash the boot ROM with newly compiled Coreboot (using flashrom and internal PCI programming)
  5. Verify and flash TRNG firmware (using xc3sprog and Bus Blaster JTAG interface board)
  6. Install and configure OpenBSD on EdgeRouter Lite (2 sessions)
  7. Analyze network traffic and develop a basic but complete PF firewall configuration
  8. Advanced shell scripting : command substitution, condition testing, error handling, arithmetic, control flow, etc.

Key Management Consulting

Prospects who want to operate securely, but aren't ready to commit to the training to start, can contract JWRD for Key Management Consulting.

How does it work ?

What does it cost ?


The Junto is a semi-regular gathering organized by JWRD for cool, smart people interested in learning about sharp tools and making connections with fellow travelers.