Bitcoin is an evolutionary pressure disrupting socialism in all forms because it preserves property rights better than any other system in existence. Evolution is a slow and sloppy process. JWRD Computing works to save clients time in transitioning from the fast-food computing paradigm which metastasized from the late 20th, early 21st century socialism to the home-cooked computing paradigm in which the operator plays an integral role. In short, JWRD Computing exists by and for individuals and organizations commited to taking full control of their data and computing infrastructure.

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Jacob Welsh, CTO

Jacob Welsh

Jacob Welsh started beating computers into shape before he could legally drive (in fact, he bought his first car with his IT earnings). He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Virginia in 2012 and moved to Panama in December 2013 to diversify his operation from the crumbling USian empire. He attended a philosophy meetup Robinson hosted in January 2014 and the seeds of business were sown for what has grown into JWRD Computing.

Robinson Dorion, CEO

Robinson Dorion

Robinson Dorion studied the Austrian School of Economics and went pro early by joining Peter Schiff's Euro Pacific Bank start up as a Private Banker and Investment Consultant in February 2012. Two years in the offshore world was enough to appreciate the spirit of legal asset protection instruments and also realize the false sense of security they can give their users due to the stranglehold central banks and their correspondents have on the fiat system. While Bitcoin is a grand experiment that could fail, it at least has a chance to win. (The central bank digital currency model currently employed throughout the world is also a experiment, with multiple proven failures at local scale.) Thus, in January 2014 he took a Business Development role with Coinapult, a Panama based Bitcoin broker, and has been focused on adapting himself to the capitalist order Bitcoin is imposing since.


Supported Software

Gales Linux

Gales Scheme

Gales Bitcoin Wallet







JWRD Key Management Hardware Kit

JWRD Key Management Hardware Kit
Product/ServiceUnitsUnit Cost
TRNG10.01333337 BTC
Laptop Labor20.01000000 BTC
Router Labor10.00150038 BTC
Thinkpad X200 w/ Coreboot2$500
Edge Router Lite1$220
Data Diode1$220
USB-RJ45 Conversion Cable1$18
USB-TTL Conversion Cable3$19
Hardware Subtotal$1`515
0.03483375 BTC

Note : the dollar amount is converted to BTC at the time of settlement.

Operator Training

Motto : The gun is only as useful as the man squeezing the trigger.


JWRD Intermediate Digital Security Training Curriculm

  1. Basic Crypto Theory
  2. Hardware TRNG config and usage.
  3. GPG : Intro to Gnu Privacy Guard Operation (generate key, encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify).
  4. WoT : Intro to Web of Trust theory and implementation.
  5. V : Intro to `V' version control system. Allows author to manage investment of trust in code and its authors.
  6. GBW-signer : Generate Bitcoin Keys and Addresses, Build a transaction from public data sources.
  7. Airgap operation : Data diode usage.
  8. Back ups : Strategies and Implementation.
  9. Network Ownership & Administration.
  10. bitcoind : V-press and compile.
  11. bitcoind : Configuration and Operation.
  12. bitcoind : Maintenance.
  13. GBW-node : Operation.
  14. Intermediate Shell : variables, meta-characters, wild cards, program vs processes, job control.
  15. Time, File, Stream Management : Date and Time commands, Text Streams.
  16. File System Utilities.
  17. Users, System Logs, System Resource Management.